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June Newsletter

Can you believe we are midway through the year already?! There is no time like the present to get fit. Join us in June for a new special strength training class

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May Newsletter

Welcome to May! We can’t believe it is almost halfway through the year already. Come into the gym and celebrate some fun activities this month. We start with Cinco De Mayo,

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April Newsletter

It is April and we have so many exciting things planned at the Gym. From Red Carpet Slim Down, Comedy Night and a New Teen Program, be sure to check out

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March Newsletter

Welcome to March – We are lucky to know each and every one of you! Here is our latest newsletter where we look at what is happening inside A1 Health and

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February Newsletter

The weather has been rough, and sickness has been on the rise! But we cannot lose ourselves to this weather! Building up strength with rest helps, but also putting in a

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January Newsletter

Happy New Year! We have some exiting events coming up as well as ‘Jacked In January’. Learn more by reading our newsletter below. See you in the gym!

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December Newsletter

Check out our December newsletter by clicking the link below. We have 2 new features being brought out this month, plus we have something new and exciting coming in January! Happy

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Alex Kain

Owner / Head Coach / Personal Trainer

Alex has always been a very athletic and active person. Playing just about every sport under the sun, however he spent more time being involved in Hockey, Gymnastics, Diving and Cheerleading (the latter 3 being very similar in nature). Not only did he grow up being very active he had a very nutritiously conscientious mother who wouldn’t allow him many different kinds of foods. So he grew up with a good basis on nutrition and eating healthy. As he grew older he continued to dial in on the nutrition while working out religiously. He would often pair gymnastics type movements with traditional barbell movements when working out. Therefore when he found functional fitness back in 2010 he fell in love with it and never looked back.

Alex went on to grad school where he got a masters degree in Exercise Physiology and won back to back National Championships in cheerleading. Upon graduating he began working at Froedtert hospital in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and coaching cheerleading locally. He really enjoyed helping people improve their health but wanted to help people before they were requiring surgery and he also knew that a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise could prevent many of the issues he was treating people for. In 2008 he was offered a coaching position in New Zealand. He moved there and spent the next 6 years in New Zealand and Australia coaching New Zealand to 2 gold and 1 silver medal in the World Cheerleading Championships and Australia to 1 Silver medal. 

In 2014 he moved back to the states and that’s when he opened A1 Health and Fitness. His biggest joys are helping people reach their goals and lead healthy lives through diet and exercise. Whether it’s coaching someone to a PR lift or helping someone shed unwanted pounds or start eliminating poor food from their diet, Alex loves it all. His real passion is nutrition and helping people get off their medication, but he can work with all ages. He enjoys traveling the world, spending time with his dog Charlie and his amazing girlfriend Jen as well as family and friends. 


  • USAW L2
  • CrossFit L2
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • WAG certified nutrition coach
  • CrossFit Kids
  • M.S. Exercise Physiology